About Zman & Friends


The idea of Zman & Friends started out all the way back in 2015. By that time, I was on my father's YouTube account, making videos for fun. I was always starting up new series, trying to make something nice, and my own. After a while, I started formulating the idea for a series where the worlds of different franchises could crossover, but they wouldn't be mixed into one big world that's extremely convoluted. The first steps towards Zman & Friends would come in the form of ZWolf Railroad, a channel, and proposed series I was to make with my cousin, Thor. It never truly got off the ground, and we are likely not going to be revisiting it. The next step would come in Zach & Dani's Improvised Thomas, an old series I made with one of my best friends. I do not recommend you watch that series, it's really bad. After that, I went back to remakes, but, the Zman & Friends ideas kept swirling around in my head. After a little while longer, Zman and Friends was finally ready, with many major things set in stone. It has proved to be one of the most popular things on my Channel, and it's one of my favorite things I've made. After releasing the third episode, I realized that, my show would need some sort of beginning portion, explaining the events before the first episode of Zman & Friends. This is where Zman & Friends Origins was born. A special side series, dedicated to retelling the origins of everyone, where they are before Zman & Friends, and everything in-between. As of now, Zman & Friends is still going strong, with lots planned. I'm looking forward to sharing it all with you! - Zach Jonhson

Our Goals

Our overall goal is to teach important lessons to people of all ages, and help them become better people. We do this by creating and telling stories of all kinds. Whether they are sad, happy, or action-packed, we try to make our stories leave a impact on our viewers.